Friday, July 31, 2009

Life continue after the pain

Dear Bro,
I know its been so long since i wrote the last letter. I know i have to write a letter everyday since i said it is an everyday letter for you. But for some reason like my job i could find a time to write to you every and i do apologize for that. I know you do understand. And that even if i didnt wrote to you i always find a time to remember you or talk to you like you are just near to me. I went to mom house last weekends. Kyle is a very fun and smart kid. His mom said he always have the resemblance of as he grow up and yeah she is right about that. While i was there he sudden went to my direction and look me in the eyes and said that he did miss you so much. Mom hear that and she suddenly smile and was amaze how our nephew did misses you. She even told me that a week before Kyle clean the cabinet where your picture is at. He said it looks dirty already and you will get mad if it wasnt clean. Mom is ok now everytime we talk about you she is not in tears anymore but i can still see the sadness in her eyes. And im sure she do miss you more that any one of us.
I had guess youg password in your yahoo and friendster too so i am planning to edit it and make it look nice even if your not here. We do continue our life but we always think about you all the time. Specially me because i am now staying in the old house we had when were small.
Staying in our old house really brings back times of our childhood. The fun and the sadness we had together. I do always think about you face all the time. I sometimes wonder how it will be if your here in some situation that i been having in my daily basis. I did had a hard time getting over too all the sadness i felt when you left. But i guess in ok now. Im continuing my life as it has to be. But i always do thought of you everyday. There wont be a time that i remember you and even talk to you. Even though it looks like im just talking to the wind i some how felt that you are always right next to me. When i am out i do look at the sky sometimes and think that your up there looking back at me. I even smile sometimes and imagine that you are smiling back to me.
I know it sound funny or wierd but it does makes me happy when i do all this stuff and it does help me to keep on continuing my life, knowing that you are gone and wont come back anymore. I am sad to say that your girlfriend didnt live with me anymore. There are something that had happened that made me decided to tell her to leave the house. I guess she move on already and i heared that she already had a boyfriend. I guess its a good thing that she is starting her life again with a new man. But i hope he will always remember you and always let you have a small space in her heart.

I got to go now bro i got to go back to my work. I do apologize again and i do miss you so much. I will try to write again soon!!!! Love You!!!